Diceblock Seller Fees and Payouts

Payment Processing Fees

We charge a fee of 2.9% + $0.30 for every transaction processed on Diceblock.  This is an industry standard rate for processing commercial payments.  View more information here.

Transaction Commission Fees

We charge a fixed 5% commission of every transaction.


You will be paid out to your linked Stripe Connect account approximately 3-4 days after an order is placed.  This is to account for global transfers and to reduce fraud and cancellation.

Payouts Fee

Stripe takes a 0.25% + $0.25 as a transaction fee when paying out to your account.  To mitigate the cost to you as a seller, we hold payments until you have a minimum of $10 in your balance to initiate a payout.  If you would like to be paid out with a smaller balance, contact a Diceblock admin.


We can payout sellers with accounts in these countries.


For non-USA based sellers, we allow you to configure your profile to price your listings off other currencies.  If you select a non-USD currency, when you create your listing the price will be set based on the current Shopify currency exchange rate.

All payments from orders are settled in USD.  At the time you are paid out from Stripe Connect, a currency conversion will be done to your configured payout method.  

Refunds and Cancelled Orders

Customers can request a refund or cancel an order depending on the progress and quality of the fulfillment of their order.  Common reasons a refund or cancellation might be granted are:

  • Substandard work - Does not meet the quality advertised in the product listing
  • Manufacturing defect or damaged product
  • Order not fulfilled or seller not responsive

Diceblock is not responsible for lost or damaged products by a 3rd party shipping provider.  We are happy to assist you in using shipping insurance from a carrier selected on Diceblock.

Foreign Currency

All listing prices and transactions are settled in USD on Diceblock.  For non-USA based sellers, we offer the option to base your account off a currency of your choice.  In this case, all prices of listings you create will automatically be converted to USD.

For payouts, foreign sellers can expect approximately a 1% currency conversion fee to be applied to all payouts.  This is subject to 3rd party financial provider rates.

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