Miniature Paint Levels

At Diceblock, we support a large community of amazing artists and customers. Every artist has their own style in terms of quality and pricing. Every customer deserves to understand the expectations and quality when using Diceblock for Painted Miniatures and Mini Painting Services. To protect every customer and painter, we've developed guidelines based on the minipainting industry for the following paint levels:

Tournament Legal is the cheapest and simplest painting option available. It is designed for players who want the cheapest, quickest paint job while meeting the requirements for Wargaming tournament play.

  • Neat and thin base colors on all exposed surfaces of the model
  • A miminum of 3 primary colors on the model
  • All features of the model are painted to a valid and representative color
  • The eyes and mouths of models must be colored in, but are only required to be a solid color.
  • 'Tournament Legal' collections look good when viewed as a whole. A single model held at arms length will look clean but not necessarily 'impressive.'



Tabletop Standard

Tabletop Standard is the most popular paint level for gamers who want nice looking models at a reasonable price

  • Neat and thin base colors on all exposed surfaces of the model
  • A miminum of 3 primary colors on the model
  • A wash or shading technique to show off model detail
  • Simple highlights, which can be air-brushed, dry-brushed, or painted on.  This includes modest detail on faces, guns, and accessories; Dry brushing or small highlights to raised surfaces.
  • 'Tabletop Standard' models held at arms length will look impressive. Viewed closely, the appearance isn't required to 'impress' you.


    Tabletop Premium

    Tabletop Premium is a higher fidelity paint level for those wanting models that look impressive both collectively as well as individually. It is a popular option for models which receive a lot of scrutiny such as RPG Player Characters, Big Bad Enemies, or standout army pieces such as Vehicles and Commanders. Only artists certified for Tabletop Premium may create listings advertising this level.

    • Neat and thin base colors on all exposed surfaces of the model
    • A minimum of 3 primary colors and 2 accent colors
    • Effective contrasts on the model, including shading and highlighting techniques
    • Lighting or lighting effects
    • More detail on faces - 2+ color eyes, teeth, and mouths are defined
    • The model looks impressive when viewed as an individual - from 1-3 feet away.



    Showcase, also referred to as 'Display', 'Legendary', or 'Collector' level, is the maximum level of detail an artist can render unto the model. Artists spend 10+ hours dedicated to a single model painted to this standard, and the price of that work is reflected. Only artists certified for Showcase level listings may advertise these on Diceblock - we certify them through a rigorous peer review process to guaruntee the highest quality for our customers.

    • Color, light, and texture define each element of the miniature
    • Details are visible upon close inspection
    • The model tells a story - the narrative of this piece is baked into the artwork.
    • Lighting and environmental effects bring the model to life.
    • Maximum level of detail for faces
    • The model is photogenic - this model stands up to the highest level of scrutiny


    Standard Basing

    A model with standard basing is the conventional option for most users. Standard basing is considered to be:

    • A clearly defined color and texture on the base of the model
    • Grass, sand, snow or environmental detail which provide a reasonable level of immersion
    • Shading or drybrushing to highlight the detail of the basing material
    • Standard basing looks good at arms length. It is required to be clean but not necessarily 'impressive' close up


    Premium Basing

    A model with premium basing has higher attention to detail on the basing, which provides greater context and immersion for the model. A model with advanced basing includes:

    • Possibly narrative or dramatic terrain features
    • Larger amount of detail to highlighting, shading and lighting effects within the terrain
    • Varying height, or uncommon environments that require extra effort by the artist
    • Well painted details which stand up to close inspection


    Adapting to Diceblock Paint Levels

    If an Artist wishes to go above and beyond a paint level, they're welcome to do so.  The paint level is a minimum standard quality that both Diceblock and customers can expect.  For instance, if an artist advertising Tabletop Standard level painting spends several hours per-model refining the details of faces and edge highlighting, that's great, and they'll surely get great reviews for the value provided.  But that artist can't advertise a Tabletop Standard painted model without any wash or simple highlights of weapons/faces.  Failure to deliver to the ordered paint level will subject Artists to partial or full refunds.

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