Frequently Asked Questions

What is Diceblock?

Diceblock is a tabletop gaming-focused marketplace intended for talented artists, creators and miniature makers, Diceblock shows your niche to the full gaming community, and all you have to do is sign up!

What are the fees?

Diceblock’s fee structure is described here.

I'm already an Etsy or Shopify Seller

Good news!  You can sync your existing listings with Diceblock - it takes all of 15 minutes to import.  Shopify stores can additionally sync Orders and Inventory between Shopify and Diceblock.

I'm an Artist - How can I stand out on Diceblock?

Use our Verified Artist Program to get a green checkmark next to your name.  Repeated high quality reviews and interactions with Customers will list you as a Premium Artist, and consistently churning out the highest caliber of work will earn you the coveted Top Artist badge.  These badges are used by customers to understand the level of Artist they're dealing with and the level of professionalism to expect.

What kind of time commitment must I make?   What if I’m doing this part time?

We’ve created several systems to help part time creators manage their workload.  It ultimately comes down to how you configure your profile - you can work on this full time, part time, all the way down to an hour or two per week!

All listings have a Processing Time.  You can set this to let customers know approximately how long it will take you to create or fulfill their order - this can be as much as 12+ weeks if you want to set it that way.

Let’s say you only ever want to make/serve one customer at a time.  You can set a limited inventory on a listing, and when it gets ordered, it will appear as Sold Out to further customers.  Once you’re comfortable serving more customers again, you can increase the inventory and the listing will become active again.

Finally, you can tag your listing as On Vacation.  This will prevent customers from ordering that listing as long as it is tagged this way.

Ultimately, you can always message Diceblock Staff to temporarily disable your profile.  We’re happy to work with you to find a solution.

How does Shipping Work?

 You have several options to configure shipping.  You are required to opt in to at least one of the following types of shipping:

  • Free Shipping
  • UPS Shipping
  • USPS Shipping via Shipstation
  • Canada Post
  • "Marketplace Shipping" - Set manual shipping rates by weight or price

Customers will be charged the automatic rate on checkout, and this value will be passed along to you.  You are allowed to either print a shipping label from the Order page, or enter your own tracking number from elsewhere.

What is the seller agreement?

Diceblock’s seller agreement is described here.

I’d like to have a call to learn more

Use the contact us page to ask for a call with Diceblock staff.

Where do I sign up?

Follow this link to let Diceblock create an account for you.