Connecting your Shopify Storefront to Diceblock

For sellers on Diceblock who already own and operate a Shopify store, we provide a method to automatically import your products into Diceblock and sync orders and inventory back to your store!

We do this using a Private App

The estimated end-to-end time for this tutorial is ~15-20 minutes.

1. Enable Private App Development

Make sure your store has Private App Development enabled.  Follow this link to verify.

2. Create a Private App

Navigate to the Apps tab of your Shopify admin panel.  On the bottom of the page, click Manage Private Apps.

On the top left of your page, click Create new private app.

For the app name, it can be anything you want, but we recommend "Diceblock Connector"
For the emergency developer email, put your own email. 

3. Permissions

Allow the following permissions (note: click "Show Inactive Permissions to toggle):

Products: Read and write
Fulfillment Services: Read and write
Inventory: Read and write
Locations: Read access
Orders: Read and write

Click Save at the bottom of your app

4. Plug your app into Diceblock

Navigate to the Seller App Settings on your seller dashboard.

Plug in the url of your Shopify store in the following format:
<mystorefront>, e.g.

For API Key, copy the API Key from the Admin API section of your Private App.

For Secret Key, show and copy the Password from your Private App.

If you are using a 3rd party drop-shipping app like Oberlo, select 

Click Save.
Confirm a success message popped up, otherwise double check all information.  If you can't get this to work, contact us.

5. Map your Product Types

Before you can import any products, you must first map your product types onto Diceblock's fixed set of product types.

Navigate to Map Product Types.

Look at all the products you want to import into Diceblock.  Look at the Product Type, or just Type, field you have entered in Shopify.  For each of these types, click Map Type.

For "PRODUCT TYPE NAME OF MERCHANT STORE", select from the dropdown the Diceblock category which best fits your product (e.g. in this case we're mapping Dice).

For "PRODUCT BRAND NAMES OF YOUR STORE", enter - in text - the name of that Product Type from your store. You can find the Product Type for a Shopify product under the "Organization" section for that product (on Shopify)

You must do this for every unique product type you plan to import into Diceblock.

6. Import Products

You have 3 options to select which products to import:
  1. Select products by creation date.
  2. Enter a list of Product IDs
  3. Enter a list of Product Handles

Click Import Products

If you see a failure at this step, confirm that:
  • Your respective Product IDs or Handles are correct
  • You have mapped every single product type you are trying to import (this is the most common point of failure)
 If you can't get this to work, contact us.

7. Make sure everything looks right

We will import your products automatically in the background (it may take a few minutes)

Browse through your products.  Make sure that everything looks correct!

As always, if you need help, don't hesitate to reach out!