Connecting your Etsy to Diceblock

For sellers on Diceblock who already own and operate an Etsy store, we provide a method to automatically import your products into Diceblock.  We unfortunately cannot sync orders or inventory changes from Diceblock back to Etsy at this time.

1. Create a new Etsy App

Follow this link to register a new Etsy app.  Fill in the following fields:
Application Name: Diceblock Connector
Describe your Application: Sync Diceblock with Etsy products
Application website:
Which type of application are you building? Seller Tools
Who will be the users of this application? Just myself or colleagues
Is your application commercial? No
Will your app do any of the following? Select all


2. Add your app to Diceblock

Under Apps You've Made, expand See API Details.
On this page, enter the name of your Etsy shop.
Enter the Etsy keystring under API Key
Enter the Etsy shared secret under Secret Key
Click Save.  You may need to refresh your page and hit save a second time.


3. Import your Products

Click Import Products.  You should now be on this page.
Click Download Example CSV file at the bottom of your page.
Inside the file, enter all the Listing IDs you wish to import into Diceblock.  You can get the listing ID from the URL of the listing - see more info here.
Click Upload CSV and Submit
All of your Etsy products should be imported into Diceblock now! 


4. Fill in your Product Details

All of your listings now need to set a Product Type, other wise referred to as Product Category on the Edit Product Page.  Go through each listing, set an appropriate Product Category, and fill out any additional tags or attributes as desired.  Click Save at the bottom of the page.
All of your products must have a product category set to be approved by Diceblock staff and shown to customers.
Feel free to contact us to make sure all your products are approved in a timely manner