Verified Artists and Badges

At Diceblock we are proud to host a number of passionate, vetted, and talented artists from all over the world. We grant certifications to artists on Diceblock according to their abilities, performance, and track record. These certifications are not mutually exclusive, and artists can hold multiple certification badges at any given point in time. At present, three badges can be earned by artists on Diceblock.

Level 1: Verified

A Verified seller is one who has completed their Stripe account verification - ensuring that their studio is a legitimate business, and one who has demonstrated their abilities through the submission of at least (2) of the following items:

  • 2-3 images of previous commission work 
  • 2-3 reviews of previous commission work
  • 1 "Diceblock-themed" commission (additional details here)

Commissions and reviews completed via Diceblock are eligible for achieving the Verified badge.

To apply for a Verified badge, please the form below:

Verified Seller Application 

Level 2: Premium

A Premium seller is defined by a consistent quality of work and upholds the standards of the levels (e.g. paint standards) for their Commission area. A premium seller must demonstrate their abilities through the submission of at least (2) of the following elective items:

  • 10 images of previous commission work
  • 10 reviews of previous commission work
  • At least 5 months on Diceblock with at least 5 commissions 

Paired with the following required items:

  • 3 samples of work at the level defined for your commission area (additional details here)

To apply for a Premium badge, please visit the form below:

Premium Seller Application 

Level 3: Top Artist

A Top Artist is defined as one of the premier artists on Diceblock - one who has a demonstrable track record of career excellence, numerous examples of successful prior work, many consistent positive customer reviews, and an overall exemplary quality of work.

At this moment, Top Artists are hand-selected by the Diceblock staff based on our observation of the above criteria.

If you feel your work merits a Top Artist badge, please contact us at for further information.


For issues with any of the above tiers or forms, please contact with the Subject Line: Seller Tiers, for additional help. 


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